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Video Hangouts for Beginners

by Tim Isbell, posted 4/2/2014

A few weeks ago I needed to help a 7-person nominating committee hold a video conference using a Google+ Video Hangout. The people were geographically spread around northern California, and their leader wanted to gather them without the time and cost of traveling to a central location. He also wanted to prototype this technology in hopes the organization can use it in the future. The meeting was scheduled for 2 weeks later, and most participants had minimal (if any) video conferencing or Google experience. 

So I generated a beginners' document to get them started, hosted a practice Video Hangout, and participated in the final meeting. The results:

  • The meeting went very well.
  • 7 people learned to use Google+ Video Hangouts, which they will use in future situations.
  • We prototyped a new tool with very broad potential, which these early adopters and their leader will spread through the organization.

If you or your organization can use a free video conferencing system for up to 10 people, please click on this link: Video Hangouts for Beginners and give it a try.

All the best,


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