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Growing Small Churches

On a recent Friday morning at a local Denny’s Restaurant in Santa Clara, a dozen pastors listened while Pastor Greg Gates, lead pastor at The Point in San Jose, CA, unpacked his advice on how to help a small church grow. We knew his church grew nicely in recent years, so a month earlier we asked him to give us some thoughts on how this happened.

The first thing Greg pointed out was that he has now served in three of the most unchurched and de-churched demographics in the United States: the Portland-Auburn Maine area, the Albany-Schenectady New York area, and the San Jose California area (the heart of Silicon Valley).

Then he passed out a list of characteristics that would “almost guarantee that a small church would grow to 80% capacity or 100 people (whichever is less) in five years.”

I was intrigued and asked Greg if I could post his list on my site to help other small church pastors. He agreed, so here is Greg’s list. You can download a Google Doc version of the embedded document by clicking on Growing Small Churches.

Blessings, Tim Isbell, September 2017

Growing Small Churches - G.Gates