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Organizational Advice

1. For a church-operated school, you'll need a board.

For many years, the New Life church membership annually elected a Little People Board to oversee the preschool/daycare. Later we consolidated this as a subset of the Church Board. In our case, we already had a break-out time in each monthly Church Board meeting where the Trustees and Stewards met separately to focus on their work. To integrate the school into this format meant adding a third breakout section. A Board member chaired this preschool board and the director brought a monthly report and otherwise interacted closely with the board. This was possible because we usually had 12-14 elected Board members that we could assign across the three functions.

2. Schedule quarterly business reviews with the school's staff.

The types of people who staff a school are not usually business people with strong financial backgrounds. So for many years we didn't communicate much about the financial dimension of the school. But as economic cycles moved up and down we discovered that it really helped our staff relations if we kept them honestly informed about the state of the business on which their paycheck depended. So the Senior Pastor (me) sat down quarterly with church-operated school staff to overview the business, deal with other top-level campus news and plans, and field questions. This turned out to really help working relationships all around. I learned from the staff and they became clear on the importance of their job and what they needed to do for us to move forward.

3. Develop written reports for parents.

Parents can never get enough feedback about their kids. Build 2-3 times a year into the calendar when your staff provides written feedback to the children's parents.

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