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Church-School Liaison Person

Pastor Norma Siberts' advice:

1.  Present a Bible lesson to the children each week.

2.  Interact with individual children on the playground.

3.  Be available one day a week to interact with parents at pick up time.

4.  Meet with teachers and hear problems regarding sharing the space with the church ministries.

5.  Meet with church chidrens ministries regarding sharing the space with the school ministries.

6.  Plan activities that mix school and church families, such as an Egg Hunt in Easter week, Vacation Bible School, Church picnics, Open House for the school (usually in October), Christmas musicals, Parent Coffee Time, parenting seminars.

7.  Invite families to the church's weekly programs and special activities.

8 Keep contact information for families of past students; remain in light contact with them.

9.  Be visible and welcoming as you assist newcomer families into church activities, including Sunday morning programming.