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Facility Advice

1. Shared space requires a storage plan.

Normally the school uses space on weekdays and the church uses the same space on weekends (and maybe some evenings). You will need a good way to separate materials and supplies between the church and school. In most cases the school uses their space many more hours than church does. So the church must assume that the space will take on the character of the school with respect to furniture, floor coverings, wall hangings, etc. If the church uses the space for children’s Sunday School and a few other things, the church staff will need some lockable storage cabinet space.

2. Expect to increase the cleaning schedule.

You’ll probably need to do a major clean on this shared space at least twice a week. The restrooms will need daily cleaning.

3. Increase your garbage contract.

You will be amazed at the quantity of paper products you will consume.

4. Nurture relationships between the organizations.

Usually the space is shared between the school and the church's children's ministry. Sometimes the space is shared with church adult ministries. It is just a fact of life that the ambiance of the space is primarily set by the school. This means the furniture will be smaller, the walls will be full of kids stuff, and the smell will remind people that kids use this space most of the week. Replacing carpet with tile helps with the smell, but raises the noise ambiance. No matter how hard you try, the room will never again be optimized for just the church's ministries. But... the Bible makes it perfectly clear, life in the Kingdom is messy. Just ask Mary and Joseph.

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