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Adding a School

by Tim Isbell, 2011

New Life Nazarene Church (Cupertino) has two weekday ministries. Little People Christian Preschool/Daycare is a non-profit Christian ministry of the church; it is included under the church’s incorporation. The Far East Education Institute is a for-profit corporation that leases space from the church. Since I served as senior pastor of New Life from 1993-2010, churches thinking about adding a school to their campus occasionally contact me for advice. So I decided to pull together some my laundry list of things I've learned about preschools, daycares, and after-school programs. Also, you are welcome to contact me to communicate further.

Many churches consider launching their own preschool, daycare, or after-school program. Or they consider leasing space to a separately run school. Churches do this for a combination of reasons:

  1. Stewardship. Sometimes a church has space that sits empty much of the week and the leadership senses that God might want them to use it for some sort of a school.
  2. Income. Many churches need income beyond parishioners’ tithes and offerings.
  3. Vision. God gives a church member a vision for a school ministry, and he also gives this person the gifts and graces lead the enterprise.
  4. Congregation growth. The church desires to share the Good News of Christ with its community and senses that adding a school will help with this and help grow the size of the church.
  5. Christian school option for parishioners. The church feels a need to offer parishioner families a Christian option to the many secular options for preschool and after-school programming. 

If you are thinking about starting or housing a school in your church, and want some advice from my experience, just click on any of the areas below:

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