Jeremiah/Lamentations series

by Tim Isbell

This is a 12 session series I taught in May through October of 2018. It is part of my Alternate Life Collection because it unpacks the prophecies of Jeremiah written to the Jews who had been deported to Babylon on how to live between the Kingdom of Babylon and the Kingdom of God.  

10-session series on the Old Testament book of Jeremiah

1 - God's Mouthpiece (Jer 1.1-19)

2 - Return to Me (Jer 3.21-4.4)

3 - A Challenge to Church Goers (Jer 7.1-15)

4 - God's Answer to the Prophet's Laments (Jer 15.10-21)

5 - The Potter and the Clay (Jer 18.1-12)

6 - The Promise of a Savior (Jer 23.1-8, 30.18-22)

7 - God has a Plan (Jer 29.1-14)

8 - The Call to a New Covenant (Jer 31.23-34).  

Aron/Nicole Sundays: They finished up a series on the Apostles' Creed. For a summary, see Apostles Creed Notes.  

9 - Hope Against All Odds (Jer 32.1-15, 42-44). 

10 - Jeremiah's Trusted Friend - Baruch (Jer 36) This is the 11th and last lesson from the Book of Jeremiah

2-lesson series from Lamentations: Living the Alternate Life through Sorrow and Tumult

1 - Facing Sorrow (Lam 1.1-18)

2 - Faith in the Darkness (Lam 3.19-33)

Supplemental esources for the series

The Foundry's Adult Faith Connections series: Jeremiah/Lamentations Bible Study Guide. Students do not need this book, but it's available.

Supplemental resources for Jeremiah and Lamentations:

  • The Times of Jeremiah, a short summary written by Owen Dickens, Asbury University.
  • Maps during Jeremiah's ministry. Especially see the two maps on page 3.
  • Timeline of the book of Jeremiah.
  • Baal & Asherah worship. Two common forms of pagan worship in Canaan.
  • Three Biblical Metaphors. Especially check out the Nuptial (Marriage) metaphor part of this link to understand more about the Bible's use of the marriage metaphor.
  • The split of Israel from Judah. Jeremiah sometimes seems to prophesy to Israel and other times to Judah. This link explains the history of how the descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob became the nation of Israel and eventually split into two nations: Israel (the Northern Kingdom with Samaria as its capital) and Judah (the Southern Kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital).
  • Jeremiah's Contemporaries - kings & prophets. There were several other prophets of the Lord who overlapped Jeremiah's time. And there were (probably more) who claimed to be prophets of the Lord but were not. And, of course, there were undoubtedly others who claimed to speak for some other lord than the one of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob... and, of course, Jesus.
  • Jeremiah's Relationships. This chart shows some interesting interconnections between Jeremiah and some of the other people who supported him, and whom he supported, near the end of his time in Jerusalem - before being sent to Egypt.
  • Babylonian Captivity Demographics. This document addresses the apparent discrepancy between the number of exiled people from Judah/Jerusalem to Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar as reported in the books of Jeremiah and 2 Kings.