Sunday Morning MeetUp

by Tim Isbell

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If you're looking for a place to investigate Christian faith or if you are ready for a deeper dive than maybe you've taken before - give the Sunday Morning MeetUp a try. We do not assume that attendees have any previous Christian background, nor do we expect any outside work. Though most Sundays are part of a series, we design every MeetUp to stand alone. 

We meet at New Life Nazarene Church, 20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA. on Sunday mornings at 9:15-10:15 in the "living room" of Building D (directly behind the Worship Center). You can expect a small group of 5-10 people. Just drop in, or Contact Tim for more information. (We do have a class for middle and high school students going at this same time, but not a regular program for children. However, if we know by Saturday morning that anyone is coming with children we'll arrange childcare for them.) 

Aron and Nicole Wall are regular leaders of the Sunday Forum; I fill in when they're away. They currently lead discussions based on the scriptures in this Sunday's Revised Common Lectionary. You can find the specific scripture calendar at Gloria's Lectionary Page. Once there, browse down to the red This Week link. Ignore the weekday readings and just look at those for Sunday. Previously, Aron and Nicole led a wonderful series on The Apostles' Creed. This link goes to their notes for that series.   

When I lead, we follow a distributed calendar on the topic of Kingdom Politics, based on the Old Testament book of 2 Kings. For a look at the notes from the last few MeetUps, click on any link below. Previously, I led a distributed series on the Old Testament books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. You can find the notes from those sessions in the Archives box.

Aron and Nicole will soon relocate to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, where Aron will assume a faculty position in theoretical physics. When they leave, I will continue the Sunday Morning MeetUp and mostly use The Foundry Publishing - Adult Faith Connections material.  Whenever they're back for a visit, I'll try to get them to lead as many sessions as possible. 


Tim Isbell

Kingdom Politics (Tim's "distributed" series)

10/28/2018 - The Pattern of Two Kingdoms (2 Kings 1 & 2)

11/4 - God's Upside-Down Kingdom (2 Kings 3 - 4.7)

1/20/2019 - Claiming Invisible Political Options (2 Kings 3.8-37)

1/27 - Political Engagement and Faithful Living (2 Kings 4.38-41)

2/17 - Purchasing Power & the Power to Purchase (2 Kings 5.1-19)

3/3- Through the Old Testament in 1 Hour (a special session)

3/10, 17, 24 - Aron/Nicole, from the Revised Common Lectionary scriptures

3/31  - The Economics of the Kingdom (2 Kings 6.8-7.2)

4/7 - The Sanctified Vision of the Kingdom (2 Kings 7.3-20). Aron/Nicole will be in the UK by this date.

4/14 - 

4/21 - Easter Sunday

Top level summary (to date, currently through 2/17):

 The World of the kings The world of God's Kingdom
Makes plans first, consults a god later (maybe). Make plans under and with the Lord God.
Fears death and change.Trusts God's faithfulness from generation to generation.
Is not always at odds with the purposes of God's Kingdom, but often forgets that they are not the ultimate authority.Is primarily concerned with justice enacted according to God's redemptive purposes.
Finds hope in associations with politically connected and powerful people.Finds hope in God's long history of faithfulness to his people. 
Operates according to a limited set of opposing political options.Operates according to political options that often cannot be seen by the world of kings.
Perpetuates an oppositional political life marked by winners and losers.Unlocks the potential of a collaborative politic.
Tries to eradicate evil as a first priority.Inserts good as a first priority; trusts God to deal with evil in his time.
Fights power & control with power & control.Responds to power & control with humble wisdom & strength. 
Eradicate evil as a first priority.Insert good as a first priority, trust God to deal with evil in his time.
Fight power and control with power and control. Responds to power and control with humble wisdom and strength.
Ignores the advice of the powerless and meek. Listens to the powerless and meek.
Favor comes with a price tag, so bartering for favor is a necessity. Favor is offered freely, making barter unnecessary.

Resources for the Kingdom Politics series:

Hope to see you some Sunday soon.

After each Sunday MeetUp, you are welcome to stay for the Sunday morning worship service which starts in the Worship Center at 10:30 AM and ends just before noon.