Sunday Morning MeetUp

by Tim Isbell

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This summer I'm leading this weekly MeetUp at New Life Nazarene Church, located at 20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in the "living room" of Building D, which is directly behind the Worship Center. We're a small group, probably 5-10 people. You can Contact Tim for more information, or just drop in.

Here's the plan for a typical session:

Welcome & "Practicing God's Presence" (9:30 - 9:45 AM)

Every week I’ll provide a simple exercise we can do throughout the week to enhance our connection with God. It will take virtually zero time, but it will change our lives. The following Sunday morning, we’ll include some time for those who are willing to share their experience. (This element is based on Kenneth Boa’s and Jenny Abel’s The Guide to Practicing God’s Presence.)

Content of the day

We will mostly use The Foundry’s “Adult Faith Connections” summer series on Jeremiah/Lamentations. No outside work needed, but if you want to dive deeper a Bible Study Guide is available (click the link and scroll down for a PDF sample).

Wrap up with prayer (9:25 - 9:30)

Blessings, Tim

Jeremiah/Lamentations study - 2018 summer

(Click on any sermon title link for a copy of the notes from that session.)

5/27/2018 - God's Mouthpiece (Jeremiah 1.1-19)

6/10 - Return to Me (Jer 3.21-4.4)

6/17 - A Challenge to Church Goers (Jer 7.1-15)

6/24 - God's Answer to the Prophet's Laments (Jer 15.10-12, 15-21)

7/1 - The Potter and the Clay (Jer 18.1-12)

7/8 - Aron/Nicole back to teach this Sunday.

7/15 - The Promise of a Savior (Jer 23.1-8, 30.18-22)

7/22 - God has a Plan (Jer 29.1-14)

7/29 -

Resources used so far

The Guide to Practicing God’s Presence. This is the resource from which I expect to get most (maybe all) of our weekly "Practicing God's Presence" exercises. No need to purchase it; just wanted you to know it's available

The Foundry's Adult Faith Connections series: Jeremiah/Lamentations Bible Study Guide. Students do not need this book, but it's available.

Resources describing the context of Jeremiah and Lamentations:

  • The Times of Jeremiah, a short summary written by Owen Dickens, Asbury University.
  • Maps during Jeremiah's ministry. Especially see the two maps on page 3.
  • Timeline of the book of Jeremiah.
  • Baal & Asherah worship. Two common forms of pagan worship Canaan.
  • Three Biblical Metaphors. Especially the Nuptial (Marriage) metaphor part of this link to understand more about the Bible's use of the Nuptial (Marriage) metaphor.
  • The split of Israel from Judah. Jeremiah sometimes seems to prophesy to Israel and other times to Judah. This link explains the history of how the descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob become the nation of Israel and eventually split into two nations: Israel (the Northern Kingdom with Samaria as its capital) and Judah (the Southern Kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital).
  • Jeremiah's Contemporaries. There were several other prophets of the Lord who overlapped Jeremiah's time. And there were (probably more) who claimed to be prophets of the Lord but were not.