by Tim Isbell

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Are you looking for...

  • A small-group to help apply scripture to modern life?
  • A place to take a deeper dive into Christian thought?
  • A safe place to explore the Christian faith?
Then check out our Sunday MeetUp. You don't need any previous Christian background, nor do we expect any outside work - though there are opportunities for that. We design every session to stand alone, though many are part of a series. 

We meet at New Life Nazarene Church, 20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA. on Sunday mornings at 9:15-10: 15 am in the northwest corner of the Worship Center (the building with the cross on top). You can expect a small group of 6-10 intergenerational people, ranging in age from their mid-20s to mid-80s. Just drop-in, or Contact Tim for more information. (If you have kids, we have a class for middle and high school students going at this same time, but not a regular program for children. However, if we know by Thursday that you are coming with younger children, we'll arrange childcare.)   

To get a feel for the content of a typical session, check out the links below. Each link includes the teaching notes followed by the session handout. Check the Archives box for session notes going back farther. 

Learning from the Early Church

09/29    Promise of the Spirit  (Acts 1.1-11)

10/06    First Christian Sermon  (Acts 2.14-28, 36-39)

10/13    Ministering to the Sick  (Acts 3.1-16)

10/20    Bold Witness  (Acts 4.1-31)

10/27    Authenticity & the Early Church  (Acts 4.32 - 5:11)

11/03    Stephen the Ultimate Christian Witness  (Acts 6.1-15; 7.54-8.1)

11/10   Philip & Simon the Sorcerer   (Acts 8.9-25)

11/17   Philip & the Ethiopian Official  (Acts 8.26-40)

11/24   Saul Becomes Saint Paul  (Acts 9.1-19a)

(We'll interrupting the remaining Acts sessions until January.) 

The Prophets Point to Jesus (Advent Christmas series)

12/01    Advent: Slack for Malachi  (Malachi 2.17-3.5, 16-4.5)

12/08    Advent: Zephaniah  (Zephaniah 3.9-20)

12/15    Advent: The Shepherd of Bethlehem  (Micah 5.2-5a, 7.14-20)

12/22    Advent:  A Child is Born  (Isaiah 9.2-7)

12/29    No session on this day

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01/05    The Gospel is for All  (Acts 10.9-21, 30-35)

01/12    God Answers Prayer  (Acts 12.1-19a)

01/19    The Word Spreads  (Acts 13.1-3, 42-52)

02/26    A Simple Gospel  (Acts 15.5-21)


Blessings, Tim & Ryan