by Tim Isbell

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Are you looking for...

  • A small-group to help apply scripture to modern life?
  • A place to take a deeper dive into Christian thought?
  • A safe place to explore the Christian faith?
Then check out our Sunday MeetUp. You don't need any previous Christian background, nor do we expect any outside work - though there are opportunities for that. We design every session to stand alone, though many are part of a series. 

We meet at New Life Nazarene Church, 20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA. on Sunday mornings at 9:15-10: 15 am in the northwest corner of the Worship Center (the building with the cross on top). You can expect a small group of 6-10 intergenerational people, ranging in age from their mid-20s to mid-80s. Just drop in, or Contact Tim for more information. (If you have kids, we have a class for middle and high school students going at this same time, but not a regular program for children. However, if we know by Saturday morning that you are coming with younger children, we'll arrange childcare.)   

To get a feel for the content of a typical session, check out the links below. Each link includes the teaching notes followed the session handout. Check the Archives box for session notes going back farther. 

4/21 - Two Sisters with Resurrection Faith (John 11.17-27, 32-44)

Philippians series

4/28    The Apostle Paul visits Philippi (Acts 16)

5/5      I have you in my heart (Philippians 1.3-8, 4.14-19)

5/12    I am in chains (Phil 1.12-26) 

5/19    I know you stand firm (Phil 1.27 - 2.1-11)

5/26    I want to know Christ (Phil 3/7 - 4.1)

6/2      I rejoice in the Lord (Phil 4.4-13, 21-23) 

Paschal Mystery

6/9     Pentecost Sunday - Paschal Mystery - Part 1

6/16   Paschal Mystery - Part 2

What the Bible says about... 

In this 13-week series, we'll address a different topic each Sunday.

6/23    One True God (Acts 17.16-31)

6/30    Forgiveness (Matthew 18.21-35)

7/7      Stewardship (Psalms 8.3-9; 1 Peter 4.7-11)

7/14    Knowing and Following God's Will (Psalm 119.30-40; 1 John 2.15-17)

7/21    Christian Citizenship (Romans 13.1-7; 1 Peter 2.11-17)



Tim Isbell and Ryan Carlet