Science and Religion

by Tim Isbell   4/2013

In every generation, some people reject the idea that science and religion can coexist. In every generation some brilliant scientists fully embrace Christian faith.

I spent my early education and the first 20+ years of my adult life in the application of science, engineering, and business. Simultaneously I lived as authentic a Christian life as I knew how. This spawned many philosophical conversations with my secular friends. These challenged me intellectually, causing me to read the “science and religion” authors of the time.

Eventually, I got a little settled with this topic and moved on to other things. But even today someone who knows my science and religious background asks how I reconcile the two. Science versus religion discussions remain a hot topic in some circles today - especially among young adults. So I decided to create this section of web pages and host some interesting “science and religion” resources for you - or anyone you know who may be searching for truth in this area.

Blessings to all who honestly search for truth,


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