Crowns of Courage

Posted by Tim Isbell, April 2012.

A friend of mine, Karen Kleinberg, recently wrote her first book: Crowns of Courage.  She wrote it especially for young males, from 10-20 years old.  I decided to read it to see if it might be an appropriate gift for my grandson.  But I must admit that it spoke to me at a pretty deep level and in a way that is currently impacting my 65 year-old life.  So I recommend it to you, either for yourself or as a gift!

Crowns of Courage offers:

  • A very healthy view of how to live as a citizen of God’s Kingdom on earth, while surrounded by the kingdoms of this world.
  • Insight about our freedom to make choices and advice on how to make good ones, regardless of the apparent “data” of our circumstances.
  • Fresh perspective on the role of a sacrificial lamb in the forgiveness of sin (pgs 189-190).
  • The role and activity of the Powers of Darkness in our present world, and especially the impossibility of holding onto the hand of God and the hand of his enemy at the same time.

Crowns of Courage is historical fiction based on the biblical sagas of Seth, Elijah, Ahab, and Jehoshaphat.  I know, these sound like a strange set of characters for one book.  But Karen does an artful job of weaving them into an intriguing story of considerable theological depth – and tells the story in a simple narrative.

The over-riding theme is that there is a God and he intends good things for us.  But he has an enemy whose way to hurt God is to lead people away from him.  While God is constantly at work for us, he leaves our ultimate choices to us. 

Like all good books, Crowns of Courage has a great finish – but you’ll have to read Chapter 21 for yourself.  And tucked in the back of the book are some healthy Thoughts to Explore as well as the scriptural connections to the stories.

I recommend this book to readers of all ages.  It’s the kind of book a parent or grandparent reads to/with their boys, or simply gives as a gift to the young men around them.  In fact, I’ll buy a few more copies for some adult male friends of mine who I know will benefit from the experience.  Of course, some gals will also like reading the book, but Karen is true to her target audience: young men.  In my experience, the young males in American culture desperately need to read this and other books like it.

You can purchase Crowns of Courage through the using PayPal ($11.00 per book plus tax and handling), or through ($13.99 plus tax and handling).


Shortly after posting this review I happened on a song that wonderfully complements the book.  The song is "Days of Elijah."  Robin Mark's version is available on Google Play and elsewhere.

Tim, May 2012

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