Praising God list

by Tim Isbell

I'm fascinated with who God is and what he does in our world, so I'm building a list. I'm learning to plant one item from the list in my mind at the start of each day - or at least a few days each week. I can use that item as the praise part of any prayer, even such as for a meal. It is a way of escorting Jesus to the center of my life and keeping him there all day, which is our only hope for holiness - because there is no arriving at a state of holiness. Even when I miss for a couple of days, I don't kick myself. But when I sense (or the Spirit prompts) that I'm drifting, this list and practice help me reset.

A close friend got me started building this list when he told me about doing something similar; only he lists things for which he’s grateful to God. Initially, I misunderstood his practice as making a list of praises. So my list contains praises; his list is a contains thanks. I'm sure God blesses either.

For the Google Doc version of the file below, just type into any browser.

Fascinations with God


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