Journey to Faith

Tim Isbell (April 2011)

The original source for this chart is from the book: Living Proof  by Jim Petersen (NavPress). I've found this a great guide to help me identify where my FRAN (Friend, Relative, Associate, Neighbor) is along the journey. It reminds me when to celebrate another step taken, and to anticipate the next step.  Especially with respect to the next step, this chart is a great guide on how to pray for my FRAN.

Presence Stage (Time to speak to the heart through relationship & then to introduce them to Christian community.)

-12    Going his/her own way.   

-11    Aware of me

-10    Has positive attitude toward me

-9    Aware of some difference in me

-8    First aware of Bible’s relevance to life

Presentation Stage  (Time to speak to the mind through faith stories & explain the good news – clearly.)   

-7    Has positive attitude towards Bible.     

-6    Aware of basics of the gospel

-5    Understands meaning and first-order implications of the gospel

-4    Has positive attitude toward the good news

Persuasion Stage (primarily the work of the Holy Spirit, but he often includes us in the process)  (Be ready to help them see that the next steps involve their will.)

-3    Recognizes personal need.    

-2    Decides to act

-1    Repents and accepts God’s gift of salvation

0    New Creature in Christ; trusts Christ for salvation and leadership.

Participation Stage   (Time to integrate into a local church, etc.  Until a person is integrated into the life of a local church, they are not a disciple.)

+1    Believer baptism, growing faith, confirmation & grounding.    

+2    Assimilation into a local church

+3    Growing and maturing into Christ-like-ness.

+4    Has become a carrier of the gospel.

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