Stewarship Resources

by Tim Isbell (revised 1/2014)

I Believe in God, But What's Mine Is Mine.  A sermon from The Christian Atheist series by John Ortberg, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.  March 23, 2010. 

Irrational Act.  Posted by Rich Karlgaard on the Forbes website (2/14/2005).

Money Sermons. Here you will find a set of sermons I've preached over the years on money. It's an excellent

6 Giving Pockets. Designed to help pastors and Christian leaders fund the ministries of their organizations.

Tax Smart Donations. This page covers giving donated stock, donor advised funds, donating RMD money from retirement accounts, charitable gift annuities, and a little about trusts and foundations.

Stock Donations. Designed for churches interested in the mechanics of receiving stock donations, and parishioners who are thinking about donating stock shares in any form - or for that matter, who are thinking about donating any long-term appreciated item.

Personal Finance. While most of my site content is Christian, this section is written for a the broader audience of people trying to manage their money.