Larry Wall on Marriage

Larry Wall is a parishioner at New Life Church. Throughout many years of knowing Larry and Gloria, I observed their beautiful marriage and its positive impact on their children.

Many years ago Larry and I had a private conversation about what made his marriage so special. A year or two later I invited him to speak on this at a Men's Retreat. It was extremely helpful to many of us. In 2004, I preached a sermon on marriage for which I asked Larry to take a sizable portion to unpack his thinking for the whole congregation. He prepared some great PowerPoint slides, which I kept along with my preaching notes. In December of 2012, I finally got around to posting that sermon for C 2 Epiphany: A Wedding Miracle. In the process, Larry was kind enough to annotate his 2004 slides for me. To see this annotated Presentation file, click on Larry Wall's Marriage Talk (This is the file you really need to capture this resource for premarriage counseling.)

For some supporting material, check out this article from The Atlantic.



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