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Discover the Bible

Discover the Bible was developed by George Larsen, a close friend of mine and a parishioner at The Point, a Nazarene Church in San Jose, California. George is also a long-term student of how people learn , and his vocation is applying the science of learning in high tech settings.  He is very good at teaching Christian faith to a wide range of people. Recently he integrated his Christian teaching experiences with the same technology that he uses for teaching complex products to computer software and hardware engineers. The result is an extraordinary on-line teaching resource called "Discover the Bible."
Would you like to understand the Bible?  Have you started to read it but got bogged down? If you're interested in understanding how we got it, its timeline, the big picture, the major themes, and its primary claims then this resource is for you. You'll be shocked at how much you can grasp in a very short time.
This on-line teaching resource packages an overview of the Bible and its major themes in 7 sessions, each taking about 15 minutes to view. Here are the session titles:

  1. How We Got the Bible
  2. The Old Testament Story
  3. The New Testament Story
  4. God's Purpose Through the Bible
  5. Crisis Pattern of the Bible
  6. How the Bible is Christ Centered
  7. Bible Themes and a Plan
Discover the Bible is great for individual study; you can fit it to virtually any schedule. Believe it or not, you really can get a grasp of the entire Old Testament in just 15 minutes, and most of the other sessions are slightly shorter!
Discover the Bible is also great for small groups. The group leader/facilitator can simply show the on-line video clip to the class at the beginning of the gathering and then spend the rest of the group time discussing the material. The resource includes an audio file that automatically plays along with the animated slides. And each session has an "attachments" tab with ample and clear material the group leader can use to prepare for the session.  In the attachments tab is even a large supply of supplemental material for the group that wants to go even deeper. Group members can personally watch the video clips at home before the group meets, or after the group meets as a refresher.
Finally, if you are a teacher of any kind of content you will benefit by just looking at Discover the Bible on-line teaching technology. I don't mean if you are a teacher in a Christian setting.   I mean the technology George uses is applicable for public school teachers through university professors, and also for instructors teaching customers to use sophisticated hi-tech products.  It is based on PowerPoint with an overlay called: Articulate Presenter.
I really hope that you will give Discover the Bible a try. All you have to do is click on this phrase:  Discover the Bible.

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