This section gathers biblical resources.

Bible Reading Strategies

An average reader can read the entire Bible in about 100 hours, which works out to reading 20 minutes a day for one year. There's an even faster way to grasp the Bible's contents, and it takes only 1/3 this long. This resource describes realistic ways to read the Bible - and get something out of it.

Lectionary Basics

Many preachers, especially in mainline denominations, use this framework to guide their congregations through the major themes of the Bible in 3 years. For every Sunday and Holy Day, the lectionary provides a robust set of readings. There are always at least 4 readings (from a gospel, epistle, Old Testament, and wisdom literature). It is a wonderful tool for us pastors in "believers churches", too. I (Tim) used it for 10 years (over 3 of the 3-year cycles) and never ran out of good preaching material. Our worship leader used it to construct responsive readings and to guide music selections. Click on Lectionary Basics for more.

If you are a preaching pastor, please be sure to check out the Lectionary Preaching resources found on the Preaching Resources section of this website.

The Bible's Origin & Content

This resource provides some background on how we got the Bible, its construction, and a brief synopsis of its storyline. If you skim this resource and want to dive deeper into this sort of thing, take a look at the Discover the Bible resource. It is superb and very well crafted. 

Discover the Bible 

Resource from George Larsen, June 2009.

This is a really great resource. It uses audio, text, animated PowerPoint, and even offers great charts and text to copy. I recommend it HIGHLY.