by Tim Isbell, updated February 1, 2019

The title is in all caps to indicate that this topic is too big for one to fit on one page. Note the Subpage listing in the right panel.

I am dividing the main teachings into 4 subpages:

  1. Beyond Conversion 1 - The Personal Journey Toward Christlikeness. I posted this on my website in September 2017. 
  2. Beyond Conversion 2 - Life in the Christian community. I'm actively working on this one now.
  3. Beyond Conversion 3 - Life in the Global community. I'll release this one later, too.
  4. Marks of Life Beyond Conversion. This section reached the stage of "good enough for God to bless" in November 2017. I expect to refine and add to it as I work my way through Beyond Conversion 2 and 3. And I expect to add individual web pages to expand on selected marks.

Note for those readers from the Nazarene tradition

Altogether, the Beyond Conversion collection will express my understanding of the proposed version of the Nazarene Article of Faith X, historically labeled "Entire Sanctification."


Special thanks to Robin, my wife, who speaks into this project as she does in practically every project I work on. She's the theologian in our family; I'm the practitioner. 

Deep thanks to George Larsen, a great friend, and decades-long spiritual peer, for his input across the entire span of this project. Every reference to C.S. Lewis, or a thought that you recognize came from C.S. Lewis, is a gift from George.

And special thanks to Sophie Calahan of The Possibility Project for sharing her insights for several of the items in Beyond Conversion Marks. In particular, she helped me with compassion, generosity, hospitality, peacebuilding, social justice, communal sin - and especially with the nuances of absorbing evil as it deals with vulnerable people.



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