3 Things I Offer

Through this website, I offer resources, either directly Christian or compatible with Christian faith, all free, to anyone. Browsing the Navigation panel (left side) provides insight into areas where my accumulated resources and experience may help you. When you see something that prompts you to contact me, just click on Contact Tim, fill in the form, and I'll get back to you. In addition, we can connect by telephone, Skype or Google Hangouts, or perhaps in-person.

In this season of life, I offer three things:

1.  Web-based Resources - primarily in Christian areas, and also in Personal Finance.

These resources are available through www.IsbellOnline.org and include:
  • Christian teachings to help individuals and small groups come into and grow in faith.
  • Preaching resources indexed by biblical text and synced to the Revised Common Lectionary. 
  • General resources of use around churches and in other small business settings.
  • Personal Finance resources designed to help anyone manage their money.

2.  My time - to help local churches:

  • Preaching   Pulpit supply during sabbaticals or other times a pastor needs to be away, during pastoral transitions, or only to hear the Good News from a different voice. For me to remain active in my local church, I limit my Sunday morning preaching calendar to about eight weeks a year. To reach me use the Contact Tim form.
  • Mentoring/coaching several pastors.
  • Teaching  Collaboratively design short-term topical material suitable for a retreat or interactive teaching series.
  • Consultation on local church ministry, including:
    • Multicultural ministry.
    • Leadership, strategy, organization, ministry management.
    • Management of paid and volunteer staff.
    • Business decisions of all kinds.
    • Financial issues of all kinds.
    • Policy issues of all kinds.
  • For small churches, I often work for free, but if you want to know how you can reimburse me, just click on How To Reimburse Tim.

3.  My time - to help individuals:

  • Walk with people as they consider living The Alternate Life.
  • Coach Christians who want to effectively share their faith. See Evangelism for the Rest of Us.
  • Provide career advice.
  • Helping individuals and couples improve marriage and family life.
  • Addressing various men's issues.
  • Coaching people who sense God's call to vocational ministry.

Here's where my experience comes from:

  • 46 yrs of lay ministry in local churches.
  • 44 yrs of marriage - to the same woman!
  • 40 yrs of parenting and grand-parenting.
  • 22 yrs in engineering and management.
  • 18 yrs as pastor (3-congregation church).
  • 10 yrs of lectionary preaching.
  • Service on the Northern California district: 9 yrs on NorCal Nazarene District Board, still serving on the District Properties Board, District Investment Committee, 
  • and living in active retirement since 2010.

These provided ample opportunities for me to make LOTS of mistakes.  The Lord used these to teach me and grow my heart.

For more info on me, go to About Tim Isbell.